“Keep Your Nose Out of It”
Friday — July 11th, 2014

“Keep Your Nose Out of It”

This did happen the other day, although we were watching a movie…Mariah stood on my lap to get her head scratched, and for some reason Olivia went to kiss Mariah while still watching the TV. Her nose basically went as close to Mariah’s anus as is humanly possibly without going inside (thank god), but the funniest thing was all Olivia had to say was “Dad, Mariah stinks!,” all the while never breaking eye contact with the TV. I assume that Mariah was deeply offended, as she immediately jumped away. That or she possesses some sort of “Spider-Sense” variation (an “Anus Sense?”) that allowed her to know she was about to be compromised by a cold, and predictably snotty little nose.

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–Mike Gray
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–Mike Gray