“The Living Daylights”
November 5th, 2012

“The Living Daylights”

Olivia has been downright disrespectful to the whole idea of Daylight Savings Time. This is the third year in a row that instead of waking up at her usual time and enjoying an extra hour of sleep, she manages to get up even earlier than any other day in the past few weeks (this time 6:30 am instead of 8am)!. Now the first time she was less than a month old, so I will give it to her that she was just plain hungry, and last year she had just learned to walk so she had other things on her mind…but this year?!? I think she is doing it on purpose…we are raising a super villain! And every day her calls get clearer, now we hear “I’m Up Daddy! I’m in Here!!” like she’s trapped in a well, instead of “I Up!” which was used until very recently…that part is amazing and sad at the same time, I want her to stay a little wild baby a little longer yelling “I too! I too!” before she starts sounding like such a big girl :(

Thank you to everyone who has been voting for “Clumsy Love” on “Top Web Comics,” I am hoping to get it into the top 100 some day!:

Thanks again, and see you Wednesday!

–Mike Gray

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