“Kiki Time Bomb”
November 16th, 2012

“Kiki Time Bomb”

The “Kiki Time Bomb” can appear at any time but not any place…it always occurs near fragile valuables, without question. A “Kiki Time Bomb” has been spotted on top of the kitchen cabinets wrapped around on of Melissa’s decorative vases, on top of Melissa’s dresser (as shown in today’s comic) with her tail precariously wrapped around the porcelain “Cinderella” cake topper from our wedding, on the top of my bookshelf with paws on my comic book statue of Thor…the list goes on and on. The only way to deal with a Kiki Time Bomb is to back out of the room and ignore her until she leaves of her own accord. If you insist on dealing with the explosive by yelling at the Kiki Time Bomb (ie Melissa) you guarantee detonation and the loss of not only everything within a 4 foot radius but sometimes other valuables that happen to be in the haphazard path of a terrified wildcat.

PS: Sorry for the continued late uploads, I am still fighting off a terrible cold and now Melissa has it too :( ! Today’s comic

Thank you to everyone who has been voting for “Clumsy Love” on “Top Web Comics,” I am hoping to get it into the top 100 some day!:

Thanks again, and see you Monday!

–Mike Gray

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