“Hot Water”
January 11th, 2013

“Hot Water”

There has always seemed to be only enough hot water for one person to shower no matter when we lived in a little 650 sq foot apartment or now a 3 bedroom house (why is that?!?)…and there has always been a race to see who gets to it first. Well, there used to be at least…these days I know better than to try and beat Melissa to the shower, and end up showering late at night or early in the morning to avoid the expected confrontation (and the unavoidable beat down I would receive). Instead I choose to randomly (and of course passive-aggressively) turn on the washer when she takes a shower…

Thank you to everyone who has been voting for “Clumsy Love” on “Top Web Comics,” I am hoping to get it into the top 100 some day!:

Thanks again, and see you Monday!

–Mike Gray

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